monsoon skin care

the skinís health and can also cause serious skin damages. Pimples, allergies, blemishes and other skin problems can also occur because of the laziness in removing the makeup before going to bed.

Makeup blunders not only make you look dark and unattractive, they also cause serious skin damages. If you have already made the blunder of applying too much of foundation and wrong moisturizers on oily skin then fear not, here are a few suggestions to keep the skin glowing and healthy in the monsoon season.

Monsoon Care for
Glowing Skin
In the monsoon season, dry skin gets dehydrated causing itchiness and oily skin becomes over-hydrated. Therefore, it is important to take special care of the skin in the monsoon season as lack of care can cause serious fungal infections and allergies.

Oily skin and dry skin have their own needs and therefore the same remedy canít be applied to all skin types. Here are some tips for a glowing skin for both oily and dry skin types :

Scrubbing :

In the monsoon season, it is important to keep your skin dirt free by scrubbing on a regular basis. For dry skin, prepare a scrub using almond paste and honey. For oily skin, one can try oatmeal scrub followed by a pack of ripe papaya pulp.This will assure exfoliation and cleaning of the skin. Also include plenty of water in your daily diet it will help in removing toxins from the skin pores.

Skin Toning :

After scrubbing, toning of the skin is very important. For oily skin a skin toner comprising 10 drops of lavender oil and

one teaspoon of water can be applied. However, dry skin should be mildly toned by using a mixture of five drops of chamomile oil and one teaspoon of milk.

Moisturizing :

For complete skin care, moisturizer should be applied. For oily skin, a moisturizer containing strawberry oil, orange oil and rose water should be a pick and for dry skin, a moisturizer should include honey and jojoba oil.