monsoon diet
Glowing Skin
this Monsoon

By : Geetika Sachdeva

When the monsoon is knocking at your door don’t just bid goodbye to sunscreen lotions, but get yourself ready for the pleasant weather with a glowing and radiant skin. Show off the new you, without even a tint of makeup on your face, to your friends and family.

Pimples can be scary for girls especially at a time when they want to look pretty and attractive for someone special. Caught up in the routine work-related tensions and seasonal changes, our skin goes through a number of harmful exposures that eventually lead to acne and skin allergies. During the monsoon season, the probability of getting pimples increases manifold because of the humidity in the air and slow digestion of the food. It is difficult to control the humidity in the air, but healthy food items can be included in the diet to aid digestion and for radiant and infection free skin.